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    SICS media
    It’s a pretty common way to make an introduction. But what you’ll find after you’ve
    spent some time talking with us is that we tend to leave the usual and expected
    in the rear view mirror. At SICS Media, you'll find everything you’d expect
    from a full-service agency. But it’s the things you don’t expect that make us stand out.
    We’re strategists and evangelists for our clients. The work we do moves beyond
    effective design and good story telling. More than simply defining your brand,
    we help tell you what it means to your customers today – and what it could and
    should mean for them tomorrow. We help you start the conversation – and engage
    your customers in a dialog that’s both logical and emotional. And oh yeah,
    we help you sell things.

    Whether your company is top notch or drowning and waiting to be saved you are still
    going to need us, and yes, we are still going to be here.
    We brand you, Market you, and Advertise you.
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  • SICS Media Offers
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  • Corporate Branding
    Whether you require an identity for a new company or you're looking
    to refresh your existing branding, the SICS team's flexible and creative
    approach means your branding will be as unique as your business.


Imagine . Create . Influence

Our Clients

We do not stop short of big corporate. We work directly with business owners, and senior leadership teams. We work with courageous small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Our clients are brands with ideas, passion, purpose, and the courage to challenge the status quo, change the world, and make an exponential impact through their business.

Our Services

The work we do moves beyond effective design and good story telling. More than simply defining your brand, we help tell you what it means to your customers today – and what it could and should mean for them tomorrow. We’re strategists and evangelists for our clients. At SICS Media; you'll find everything you’d expect from a full-service agency.

What we DO

At SICS Media we don’t just sell advertising. We craft solutions in whatever form it takes to get the job done effectively and affordably for our clients. From creating persuasive and relevant messaging to finding your clients where they live and giving them a make-over or social media promotions designed to drive traffic and create loyalty.

Our Efficient process

Creative Platform
Market Mapping
Brand Positioning
Knowledge Sourcing
Market Testing

Promotional Videos

SICS Promotional Video - Animation
CECAFA 2015 Walia Beer Sponsorship Activation
CAF Qualification - Ethiopia Vs Lesotho - Walia Beer Activation
2015 Guzo Walia Activation to Seychelles
Harar Beer Barbershop Activation

Our Big Three

Branding is the process of developing the company's brand. Including the:

- Name,
- Identity system &
- Messaging platform

We are Communication experts who are specialized in creating and launching brands as well as rebranding. Our approach to brand building is focused on developing authentic connections through shared values and interests. By taking this approach, the platforms we create allow consumer/brand relationships to develop organically and genuinely. This results in trust, loyalty and a brand consumers want to be a part of.

Today, consumers don’t want to be sold to… they want to be connected with. We position brands so they matter in culture by creating systems, platforms, campaigns and experiences that resonate with consumers through shared values and interests. The result is genuine positioning, lasting relationships and ultimately… brand growth.

Looking for a marketing company to assist you in the growth of your business in an ongoing capacity? Looking for a company with the knowhow and practical experience?

Well, You're in luck!

We rely on great people and at SICS we are proud to say we have some of the greatest talent in the industry at all levels. Not only do we have great people with huge amounts of varied experience, we believe in making your life as a client simple, communicating with you effectively and ensuring that your results are outstanding. We will help you achieve your objectives – whilst placing the minimum demands on your time. we specialize in increasing our clients’ revenue by connecting them with prospects that are at all stages of the marketing process. Our strategies encompass a wide range of subjects included identifying a business’ current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It makes recommendations on the business’ promotional material, advertising, corporate image, public relations activity, internet strategy and levels of customer service.

You already have a marketing team in your company but the goals are still not met due to lack of experience from your team? we also utilize inbound and outbound marketing to syndicate whitepapers, case studies, videos, infographics and more for your marketing team and give them trainings that will result in creating a long lasting competence within your staff.

Our people become your people – providing solutions everyday

Do you want to get your message out there in a way that people will love and understand the way you're expressing yourself?

Doesn't everyone! Why don't you relax and let us handle it for you.

We specialize in an 'in and out-of-home' advertising and provide solutions for our customers in the form of TV Commercials, print materials, ad campaigns, Billboards, Digital Imagery, Transit and Highway Logo Signs and so on. We have built our reputation as the strong upcoming advertising company in Ethiopia. We offer our customers a blank canvas and provide the support to deliver their messages with maximum impact, from start to finish.

SICS Media

Our team is the core of our value proposition. We have carefully selected each team member for what they can bring to the vision of the company, each with a specific skill that completes our canvas like brushes of different colors do for an artist’s painting.Their combined skills make all of our work a blend of solution meetsquality meets satisfaction, to the point of creating bespoke and out-of-the-box results that foster referrals.

We’re not being arrogant. We know their worth. We’ve just selected more than 25 skilled professionals working day in and day out to make sure that there is flawlessness in all the works done for your company. The cherries on top are our directors. Three professionals that have a combined experience that spans four continents, and multiple sectors manage the team. From the project directorthat runs you through an innovative process using online tools, customer interactions and milestones to take a project from inception to execution, to the creative director that brilliantly intersects creativity with innovation and market demand, and the branding director that develops strategies usingfield experience gained from Malaysia to the UK, they strive to give a superlative product.

They have the capacity to understand the client’s needs because of the diverse and intertwined backgrounds they have. Their education encompasses business, IT and development and they have worked with US companies, UK, Middle Eastern and Asian companies in various capacities. We have an international perspective is not just a phrase with us – it’s a way of life.