Our Services

SEO and Social Media

SICS expertise in Digital Marketing and helps its customers drive organic traffic to their websites. Having a website or a product is just not enough. If your product or brand is suffering from a lack of visibility, then you might be losing on potential revenue. SICS partners in with you and helps you plan a marketing campaign and manage it throughout. We follow a measurable and planned approach to get your brand or product out to the market and get it noticed by millions. Our campaigns typically consist of organic search engine optimization, email promotion, social media visibility and promotion. We value your money and ensure maximum return for your investment.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is website optimization that fetches natural results from all leading search engines. Organic SEO aims at promoting websites based on the natural search engine results as opposed to sponsored links. Organic SEO will keep your website appearing on the search result pages for an indefinite length of time.

All that you need to do is to ensure your website gives the search engines precisely what they want. As long as you provide relevant content and other websites links to your site, the search engines will be enamored of your website. Our target the following three Search Engines and take all possible care to get you on the top ranks organically. SICS has a defined process to organic SEO which is purely white hat and organically increases your website popularity and ranking. Our process includes

  • On Page Optimization
  • Directory Submission
  • Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • One Way & Three Way Linking
  • Classifieds & Map Listings

We provide weekly reports on ranking & activity. We use Google Analytics & Web Master tools only for our SEO purpose. We also provide content writing services as required by the client. Alternatively, we use the content – articles & press releases provided to us by the client. We ensure you get good positive ROI within a few months of your campaign. We carefully analyze what keywords work for you and accordingly promote. Organic SEO is less costly and can be more easily managed as compared with sponsored listings. Our team has the expertise to help you derive maximum benefits from organic SEO.

If you would like us to provide you a free SEO analysis report and tell you how we can help you increase your traffic and conversions, please contact us

Social Media Marketing

To say social media usage has exploded in recent times would be stating the obvious. Surveys reveal that LinkedIn has over 150 million users, Twitter has over 300 million accounts and Facebook is crossing 1 billion users. The manner in which B2C and B2B buyers identify and share information is being influenced enormously by social media.

Aware of the fact that social factors are increasingly influencing search engine rankings, we undertake social media and search engine integrations. After careful study, we suggest a marketing plan designed to make your business rank high in the present socially optimized world. We help our clients move ahead with times and start expanding their presence.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all gained wide recognition and there is now a compelling necessity for you to register your presence on these social media giants. Simply stated, social media marketing is highly helpful for every business that has customers using the Internet. Our design team will come up with attention-grabbing social media layouts for your business to capture attention. We also help you maintain your accounts and promote your business through these with regular posts and interacting with your fan followers and prospects.

Social media marketing is powerful marketing tool for small and medium business working on a tight budget. This is one way you can reach thousands of existing and prospective customers spread all over the globe without incurring heavy ad expenses.